Pavement Protectors offers the latest in asphalt infrared repair technology.


With the infrared repair restoration process almost any asphalt damage can be repaired to nearly like new conditions. In addition, this can be done in a fraction of the time and with a more permanent repair than the conventional method of saw cut, removal and replacement of asphalt.

Infrared repairs are perfect for:

Paver Seams Potholes Redirecting Water Flow
Cold Joints Utility Patches Bumps and High Spots
Man Holes Storm Drains Speed Bump Installation
Oil Spots Rough Surfaces Handicapped Ramps
Spalling Pavement Bird Baths (Puddles) Surface Cracking (Oxidation)

Asphalt repair and restoration

Our asphalt restoration process uses industry-leading infrared technology.

We begin by cleaning the work area the infrared panel is then lowered over the damaged area. Once the existing asphalt is heated to working temperature the damaged area is pictured framed and scarifier adding rejuvenator to the old asphalt. If more material is needed new mix is then taken from our 2 ton asphalt reclaimer and spread into the repair area. Our team finish rakes the patched smooth and to grade before rolling. Since the surrounding surface of the repair is heated once the work area has been compact with a vibe roller the asphalt patch becomes thermal bonded to the existing asphalt making the patch a seamless permanent repair.

Use of the infrared system does not disturb the sub-base, so when the patch is compacted there is little worry about the asphalt sinking over time. Once the asphalt as been seal coated it is almost impossible to tell where the new patch has been made. Infrared repairs last as long as the surrounding asphalt.

There are many benefits to infrared asphalt restoration. These include:

Time – an average repair takes about 20 minutes to complete; the road can be reopened to traffic immediately.

Quality – The thermal bonding of the patch to the surrounding surface makes the repair an integral part of the pavement. There is No cut joint for water to infiltrate and cause joint failure. This also eliminates the need to seal the cut joint annually.

Environment – Existing damaged asphalt is recycled in place leaving little-to-no waste material. This also means less handling and fewer disposal costs.

Labor – The typical infrared crew is made up of only 2 or 3 workers.

Cost – Our infrared installations are installed at competitive prices compared to conventional repairs.

Year Round – Infrared restoration can be performed 12 months a year.

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