Sealcoating improves the appearance of asphalt pavements by providing a uniform black color

Sealcoating will add to the beauty of your home or business and protect the surface against the elements of weather. If left untreated over time, the combined effects of sun, rain, ice, salt, gasoline and oil will eventually damage and destroy asphalt pavements.

Sun and oxidation dry the binding agents out of the asphalt mix and leave the pavement brittle. Loose aggregate begins to ravel and the surface becomes rough and faded. Rain and water from run off further erode the pavement’s asphaltic binder, weakening the strength of the asphalt leading to cracks that allow water into the asphalt base and cause pavement failure.

Parking lot repairs can be an expensive proposition. The cost of asphalt is relative to the cost of oil. As the price of oil goes up, so does the price of asphalt. Therefore, it is important to preserve your parking lot or driveway as long as possible.

Sealcoating will protect the asphalt pavement from all the elements. Sealcoat materials are available in different grades designed for use depending on pavement condition, type of traffic and budget requirements. Typically sealcoating should be re-applied on a regular basis.

Let us show you how regular sealcoating can extend your asphalt pavement life and produce a savings of more than 200% in the maintenance costs.

Doesn’t Let Your Investment Crumble!